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The SureColor SC-P7500 and SC-P9500 large format printers deliver the widest colour gamut for artists
and photographers, the most reliable reproduction for professional proofing, and the fastest throughput for high-volume production. Both the 24” SC-P7500 and the 44” SC-P9500 offer identical, class-leading features and performance, at a size to suit your requirements

Let the world see what you see

You’ve carried your vision from lens to screen. Now let our advanced SureColor SC-P9500 printers see it through, with the finest image quality available today. Because the perfect shot deserves the perfect print

Vivid colour

Epson’s first ever 12-colour printer, accompanied by the newly-developed ink set (UltraChrome Pro12 with K3 technology), which includes orange, green and violet, gives you ultimate colour accuracy thanks to the widest colour gamut on the market.

The Epson-designed, advanced printheads use up to 800 nozzles for each colour, to produce perfectly accurate dot placement and eliminates misting and satellites. With every detail captured, your images benefit from smooth gradations and accurate texture reproduction.

Deeper blacks

Our innovations provide the best perceptual black density with black enhancement overcoating technology. The result? Your creative work is more striking and dramatic than ever before.

Precision you can rely on Superior colour accuracy

Accurate colour reproduction, high-density ink and precise dot placement are essential for a vivid finished print that brings an image to life. The SureColor SC-P7500 and SC-P9500 achieve an incredible Pantone® coverage of 99%1 to enable increased accuracy in all your proofing work – including the faithful reproduction of corporate colours.

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