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L,a,boutique Fine Art Show Room & Printing Room Epson SC-P9500
Laboutique Fine art Duble Certfied hahnemuhle Canson-Infinity

Why L,a,boutique

The space of L, a, boutique Fine Art is carefully designed to meet the specifications of a modern Fine Art Lab. Our walls are painted with the only certified color in the world, suitable for color viewing areas, the MUNSELL N9. This paint eliminates any trace of Color Cast, Tint that can negatively affect the result, during the process of Proofing, Editing, Printing, Art Reproduction and Photoshooting.

Our Services

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Owner Pagratis Pagratidis Laboutique Fineart


Dedicated with love and passion in the Art of Photography and all services related to it. With a high aesthetics, technology and design, framed by a dose of unparalleled luxury, warm and friendly atmosphere, and the most modern equipment, L, a, boutique, in the heart of Athens, is the ideal environment for inspiration and explosion of creativity your. At the same time, it is a unique space for a modern Show Room, specially configured for exploring the possibilities of constructions and hanging your own works

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Our Story

Lab - As Laboratory

L,a,b – acronym for the color space that reproduces the full spectrum perceived by the human eye.

Boutique – French word derived from the Greek “warehouse”. The French originally used it to describe the professional painter's workshop. Nowadays the term has been identified with luxury and unique environment, personal contact and service, comfort and intimacy, conceptual character and commitment to specialization and quality.

Laboutique Show Room
Space Of Laboutique The Show Room


A Fine Art Lab and a Show Room in one space

With love and passion for photography, we created a unique space of high aesthetics, new technology and design, framed by a dose of unparalleled luxury and the most current equipment combined with a friendly and cosy environment, executive approach and personalised service.
L,a,boutique offers fully integrated solutions in the field of Fine Art Printing, Art Reproduction and Photography Display, all in one specially designed and functional space.

Our Philosophy

Not just a job

The fine art photographer Pagratis Pangratidis realizes his vision to create a pioneering lab with a core of artistic creation. The artistic character is in the DNA of L, a, boutique and the “intuitive” approach is the essence of his services. At the same time personal contact, exclusivity, creative cooperation with the customer, absolute expertise and know-how guarantee maximum quality in the result.

Laboutique Fine Art The Desk
Laboutique Fine Art The Show Room


A space dedicated to Photography

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