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Why L,a,boutique


Why L,a,boutique

Everything starts from the space

The space of L, a, boutique Fine Art is carefully designed to meet the specifications of a modern Fine Art Lab. 

Our walls are painted with the only certified color in the world, suitable for color viewing areas, the MUNSELL N9. This paint eliminates any trace of Color Cast, Tint that can negatively affect the result, during the process of Proofing, Editing, Printing, Art Reproduction and Photoshooting.

The same importance is given to lighting. From the orientation of the desktop and monitors, to avoid exposure to accidental light sources and reflections, to dimming and complete control of light.

Our lighting is achieved with LED luminaries, temperature 5000K and CRI> 97, which with dimmer, is set at 30- 50 candles on desk.




Two top EIZO monitors guarantee that what we see has the maximum fidelity, while they also have Color Grade certification. But no matter how good the screens are, a very careful and quality calibration is always required.




In L, a, boutique the calibration of our screens is done with the latest and extremely improved spectophotometer version of the X-RITE i1 PHOTO PRO 3. The process is repeated every 3 weeks to assure that we always see the right color. We examine your file in ideal conditions in order to proceed to any technical corrections or artistic improvements before printing it on the appropriate paper.




Image editing programs such as Affinity Photo, Capture One Pro, PS, Raw Therapy, 3D Lut Creator, as well as specialized photo enlargement programs are at your disposal for corrections of even the smallest details. Also specialized RIP Software for black and white printing is available. Custom made Curves. Through 3D Lut Creator we create personalized curves and small color corrections, which are applied just before printing, resulting in an even smoother sequence of tones, without sacrificing contrast.

At L, a, boutique we follow up the latest developments, and make constant research in Color Management, Color Grade & Color Correction at a very high level.

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