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Self Portrait Pagratis Pagratidis Owner of laboutique

Our Story

L,a,boutique Fine Art

Our Story

L,a,b – acronym for the color space that reproduces the full spectrum perceived by the human eye.


Boutique – French word derived from the Greek “warehouse”. The French originally used it to describe the professional painter's workshop. Nowadays the term has been identified with luxury and unique environment, personal contact and service, comfort and intimacy, conceptual character and commitment to specialization and quality.


All of the above represents exactly our new venture, a space dedicated with much love and passion to the Art of Photography and all related services.


Our space with its high aesthetics, the absolutely warm and friendly atmosphere, framed by a small dose of unnecessary luxury and the most modern equipment makes L,a,boutique the ideal environment for inspiration and the cultivation of your creativity.


Psyche and the "worker" of this project, the visual photographer Pagratis Pagratidis (BIO realizes his vision of creating a lab, with artistic creation as its core.

Artistic character is in the DNA of L,a,boutique.

At the same time, the personal contact and creative collaboration with you with the aim of absolute dedication to your work and understanding of your needs and requirements guarantees the desired result.


Our philosophy is that excellent technical training, adherence to specifications at various stages, and DIN certifications are the least possible requirements for your projects. But, at L,a,boutique, we don't just stop at these!


"Learn the rules perfectly, so that with absolute respect you can break them!"


says Pagratidis in his photobook "Shortly Before Dawn" ( and this is exactly what distinguishes L,a,boutique: the transcendence that makes a work of art unique!


With the artistic-intuitive approach as the essence of L,a,boutique we will be happy to work with you who will trust us to process your photos, print them on the best certified museum quality papers, design your forms, publish of your photo album or book, the faithful reproduction of your works, the photography and digitization of works and art objects, the architectural photography of your space, the presentation of your photographic works in the specially equipped SHOW ROOM of L,a,boutique for private views , consulting around your photography projects

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